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Singla's Diet Clinic is a nutritionally supervised Weight Release and Health Management Clinic managed by Dt. Manjula Singla, M.D (A.M.), a Spiritual Diet Counselor, renowned Dietician and Nutrition Expert.

Our aim is to make everyone healthy through Quantum healing of Body, Mind and Spirit. We provide ‘health care through diet’. We do not have ‘pill for every ill’ but ‘ease for every dis-ease’. We believe that food is nature’s best medicine and hence, aim at creating awareness among people, about simple healthy lifestyle by treating every individual with only the gifts of mother nature.

With a mission to promote well-being among the common people and help regain health by completely natural means, we have designed diet therapies on the basis that nature has enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed. Our diet therapies address various lifestyle problems like obesity, Type2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, digestive disorders, liver problems, kidney problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, PCOS etc with nutritional therapy, behaviour modification, exercise and spiritual counselling. The diet therapies recommended are customized according to individual needs, age, body type, body nature, BMR, medical history, GI of foods.

Our vision is to promote nutritious and balanced diets, physically active lifestyles and whole body wellness while creating healthier individuals, families, communities and nation.

photosDt. Manjula Singla, an eminent name in Nutrition and Wellness world, is a renowned Dietician and Nutrition Expert. She has done her post graduation in Nutrition from PAU Ludhiana and worked as a Dietician at various hospitals. She has completed her MD in Alternative Medicine with Research on Treatment of Obesity and other Chronic diseases in natural ways. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator trained by Indo-Vietnam Medical Board. She is in her clinical practice since 1992.

Currently, she is running her clinic at Rudrapur under the name and style Singla’s Diet Clinic. Throughout her clinical experience in small and large hospitals, she came to appreciate the role specific nutrition recommendations have in the prevention, treatment and recovery of various acute & chronic diseases. Passionate about nutrition and a strong believer in healing power of food, she has developed a diet program that helped thousands of people. She believes in individualised approaches for clients with various conditions like diabetes & high cholesterol, weight loss and food intolerance. Her special weight loss dietary treatment has earned her name not only in India but in other countries as well. She does not use any medicine or quick fix treatments but reduces the excess weight in a natural and healthy way.

She regularly writes for various columns in leading newspapers and magazines covering diet, nutrition and health related topics. She actively engages in social media, often posting topical blog articles, recipes and tantalising meals she has spent time creating in the kitchen. She has hence developed numerous recipes and authored a recipe book for growing children titled “Smart Food Healthy Kids”. Admiration for her weight loss tips encouraged her to come out with her second publication titled “100 Weight Loss Secrets”. She lectures extensively on child nutrition, women health and lifestyle problems in schools, colleges and corporate.

She is a member of Indian Dietetic Association, Nutrition Society of India, Indian Council for Alternative Medicine, The Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (IAPEN) and International Naturopathy Organisation. Her name has been incorporated in “Leading Ladies of India” published by JanParishad.



  • Awarded Best Dietician and Nutrition Consultant in Uttarakhand
  • Awarded as Woman of Excellence in 46th National Women's Summit
  • Selected as Leading Lady of India by JanParishad, Bhopal
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