Corporate Wellness Therapy

Corporate wellness is the new buzz phrase. It isn’t a new concept, but one that has moved into the forefront in the minds of many businesses today. Since health care costs continue to sky rocket and the economy remains challenging, business owners and managers are being forced to look at all costs related to their number one asset – their employees! While it's most important for an employer to provide a safe and healthy workplace, it's also important to encourage healthy lifestyles among their employees. Healthy Mind in a healthy body!

Why is the basic need for a Wellness program?

Employees come in all shapes and sizes, and most importantly different fitness levels. Because of this fact, it is important to find a wellness program that takes this into consideration. Employees need to feel comfortable and not intimidated. They need a place to go where there is someone who will help to guide them into fitness, teach them goal-setting, nutrition, exercise and how to create a road map for success.

As per WHO present statistics, 805 premature heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented. To track these preventable conditions one needs Wellness Program which can be one stop solution to the corporate and offer wellness solutions. There is a difference between wellness and treating a disease. Running a wellness program benefits organization in long run. Companies with successful Corporate Wellness Programs realize that to see the desired results, passes to fitness clubs and pamphlets with nutrition information aren’t enough. When employees consistently eat healthy, companies save money!

What is Corporate Wellness Therapy ?

Here at Singla’s Diet Clinic TM , we believe that the health of employees is inextricably linked to the health and performance of an organization & our Preventive Healthcare Programs help employees lead a Healthier & more Productive lives. Predesigned and tested wellness program is beneficial for employer and employees as well. The planning of such program involves organization policy makers and a team of experts in health and wellness, to make a difference in employee health status.

Singla’s Diet Clinic TM Corporate Wellness Therapy is a special program designed by Dietician & Nutrition Expert Manjula Singla for a work place to achieve employee wellbeing and good health. It helps people from all walks of life make simple, healthy, pleasurable changes that can help them achieve an ideal weight that they can maintain for the rest of their lives, and help them address their lifestyle problems. It is usually covered under flexible time schedule, monitored kitchen facilities, activity of support group along with group consultations and elevated motivation. By utilizing Dietician Manjula Singla’s meal and fitness plans, recipes, serving guides, and more, employees will have all the resources they need to succeed – right at their fingertips! In addition, our Corporate Wellness Therapy offers education to the employer and the employee. It is not only learning wellness at work , but taking that education into their home life. This will help create an actual lifestyle that is healthier and beneficial.

How the program works

Our Dietician and Nutrition Expert Manjula Singla will personally examine every employee and give each one the diet therapy  that he/she should follow in order to achieve the ideal results. The diet therapy provides an evaluation to employees that includes the following:

  • Medical assessment of weight through body composition analysis, clinical and laboratory evaluations to identify weight related diseases and nutrition problems.
  • Nutrition  assessment to identify current dietary habits and willingness, ability, and resources available to work on improving them to promote healthy lifestyle.
  • Physical  activity assessment to evaluate current status of exercise and work out patterns and willingness, ability, and resources available to increase physical activity.

During the first consultation with our Dietician and Nutrition Expert, you will discuss your wellness goal, explore your health concerns in more detail and agree on a personalized diet program that fits in with your lifestyle and your food preferences. During the weekly follow up consultation,  our Dietician and Nutrition Expert will review your progress and weight and adapt the diet program as required.


Dietician Manjula Singla’s Health Formula:

Detoxification and Cleaning
Nourishing and Rejuvenation
Maintenance and Stabilization
Giving Inputs for New Lifestyle

Benefits of the program

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Elevated mood, energy and self-esteem
  3. Lower rate of absenteeism
  4. Prevention or reversal of many chronic and life threatening medical conditions i.e. diabetes, heart disease, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, digestive disorders, kidney problems, liver disorders etc.
  5. A new understanding of food and health

Corporate Wellness Therapy Packages

Since needs of each organisation and company vary, we have customised packages for the corporate world to meet the healthcare needs of their employees. Corporate Wellness.Therapy Packages are designed and negotiated as per their requirements. For more information and consultation, feel free to contact +91 9997666440, +91 8958573610, +91 9917180756 or mail at

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