Diabetes Reversal

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious life-long health condition that occurs when the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood is too high because the body can’t use it properly. If left untreated, high blood glucose levels can cause serious health complications. There are two main types of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. They’re different conditions, caused by different things, but they are both serious and need to be treated and managed properly.

Type 1 Diabetes (IDDM) Also known as Juvenile onset diabetes. There is a sudden onset of this kind of diabetes and it occurs generally in younger age group. Here in this kind of diabetes, pancreas is producing little amount of insulin. In this case the person is underweight.

Type 2 Diabetes (NIDDM)  Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (Adult onset diabetes), is non insulin dependent form which develops slowly and is usually milder and more stable. In this case Insulin is produced by the pancreas but its action is impaired. Sometimes this diabetes gets improved if the person is able to lose weight.

Nutrition is an important part of managing diabetes. Eating healthy is not just enough for people with diabetes. Eating right is an important part of controlling your diabetes. Losing weight also helps lower the risk for other health problems that especially affect people with diabetes.

What is Diabetes Reversal Therapy ?

Singla’s Diet ClinicTM Diabetes Reversal Therapy is a program designed to provide individuals who are suffering from diabetes and those at high risk, with a natural alternative to a lifetime of medication and illness. Most of the cases of diabetes are type 2, an illness that is not only preventable but in most cases can be reversed or dramatically improved. We know that it is a bold statement, but a true one!

Here at Singla’s Diet ClinicTM we do not use any miracle remedies or mystical mantras but only solid common sense and practical life skills. We understand that blood sugar management is not just about restricting sugar & cutting calories; it’s about adopting healthier eating habits, lifestyle behavior, and fulfilling your nutritional requirements which requires a customized diet plan for optimal results.

Dietician and Nutrition Expert Manjula Singla helps you to learn how to live with Diabetes in a healthy manner. She teaches you how to improve or cure diabetes by eliminating the casual factors and reversing the disease process. This means learning to transform the daily habits of diet, activity and mentality that contribute to the disease – a natural approach. Diabetes does not mean you cannot live a normal life. Just a few changes with good lifestyle is what it needs! Including the right foods as per your blood sugar levels and activity can help you lead an absolutely normal life.

How the program works

At Singla’s Diet ClinicTM we review your health and medical history and perform a comprehensive medical testing to develop a program that is individualised especially for you. The program is designed to flush your system of impurities and nourish the body cells along with balancing the pH and maintaining the blood sugar levels with a normal healthy diet.

Dietician and Nutrition Expert Manjula Singla will personally examine every patient and give each one the diet therapy  that he/she should follow in order to achieve the ideal results. The diet therapy provides an evaluation to patients that includes the following:

  • Medical assessment of weight through body composition analysis, clinical and laboratory evaluations to identify weight related diseases and nutrition problems.
  • Nutrition assessment to identify current dietary habits and willingness, ability, and resources available to work on improving them to promote weight loss.
  • Physical activity assessment to evaluate current status of exercise and work out patterns and willingness, ability, and resources available to increase physical activity.

During the first consultation with our Dietician and Nutrition Expert, you will discuss your wellness goal, explore your health concerns in more detail and agree on a personalized diet program that fits in with your lifestyle and your food preferences. During the weekly follow up consultation, our Dietician and Nutrition Expert will review your progress and weight and adapt the diet program as required.

Dietician Manjula Singla’s Diabetes Reversal Formula :

Detoxification and Cleaning
Nourishing and Rejuvenation
Maintenance and Stabilization
Giving Inputs for New Lifestyle

Benefits of the program

  1. Maintenance of normal blood sugar levels through healthy diet and life style changes
  2. Prevention or reversal of many chronic and life threatening medical conditions i.e. diabetes, heart disease, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, digestive disorders, kidney problems, liver disorders etc.
  3. A new understanding of food and health

Diabetes Reversal Therapy Packages

1 month ---- INR 5800/-
2 months ---- INR 11,000/-
3 months (2 months plan + 1 month maintenance) ---- INR 14000/- (2 months plan + 1 month maintenance)
4 months (3 months plan + 1 month maintenance) ---- INR 19000/- (3 months plan + 1 month maintenance)
5 months (4 months plan + 1 month maintenance) ---- INR 23000/-(4 months plan + 1 month maintenance)
6 months (5 months plan + 1 month maintenance) ---- INR 27000/- (5 months plan + 1 month maintenance)

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