Health Ambassadors
Greek philosophy proclaims : “Healthy mind in a healthy body.” By changing and giving proper diet, Dt. Manjula Singla motivates her patients not only to reduce weight in a just a span of few weeks, but to make it a lifestyle pattern.

At Singla’s Diet Clinic we believe that even if one member of a family honestly and sincerely, adopts and pursues the diet plan, it will be a great asset; not only to their own self but to their children, friends, family and associates too. Dt. Manjula Singla encourages her patients to be a role model for their whole family and friends; that is why we have initiated the concept of ‘Health Ambassadors’ who are our living examples of reducing weight, adopting healthier lifestyles and enhancing longevity. It is because of the immense physical and mental happiness which they have gained through our services that they are acting as our ambassadors of motivating other people. They have not only changed their lifestyle by joining our program, but have also contributed in expanding our mission “Obesity Free India”.

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